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Why is this a stalemate and not a checkmate?

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    Because there's no check.

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    If the king isn't under attack it's not checkmate.

    Stalemate is when it's your turn but there are no legal moves (and the king isn't attacked).

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    Black isn't in check and has no legal move. That's the definition of a stalemate.

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    I understand. Thank you.

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    In your settings go to 'Stalemate Rule' and instead of 'Chess' select 'Shatranj'. From then on positions like the OP will be counted as a win.

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    matborthor wrote:

    Is it most common to play without stalemate draws?

    Not in chess.

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    If you play by the Shatranj rule taking all the pieces of the opponent also counts as a win. If after your last capture the opponent king on its next move can also take your last remaining piece then it is a draw ( not in Medina though where it is still a win ).


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