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    PinkMistzAsf wrote:
    Lovechess_7 wrote:

    sir please tell me what exactly is swindling !!! plz explain .... PINKMITZZ

    Swindling is essentially where you set a trap in a losing position to turn things around.

    I THINK I DID SWINDLING IN MY LAST GAME ! i turned the whole game ..... blitz Cool

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    Glad to see you changed your avatar, @Vac4444 -- to yet another tasteless display. Whatever.

    For your next mindless endeavor, try writing complete sentences.

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    zborg wrote:

    Glad to see you changed your avatar, @LC7.  Next, try writing complete sentences.

    heheheh thanx ! zborg .... i am actualy very restless soul ... i jump from one thing to another without completing first ... Lol except WITHOUT RESIGN complete chess game .... Laughing

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    There's a difference between a 1200 blitz game and a 1700 tournament game. In blitz resigning is a last resort, in tournament play you will rapidly find yourself losing friends and respect if you don't resign when you are clearly lost.

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    Mistakes are made at all levels of human chess play. It is unfair to call setting a trap swindling. Also the term 'losing position' is totally relative. Only a better player or a computer could judge a position as losing, the players playing the game might see that position totally different.

    A 2000+ rating on this site doesn't mean you are an expert chessplayer and that you can decide when another player should give up. Besides, when your opponent decides you have to prove you can win, you simply have to comply. If you must moan about that, that's your problem.


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