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Favorite Checkmate

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    We all like an easy, quick endgame checkmate. But every now and then, you get a unique checkmate.


    Post a game showing off one of your favorite checkmates:

    (This one is from a game of chess960)


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    Here's a puzzle I made for the kids at an NCC Chess Camp:

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    I honestly can't see how one could get a checkmate in only a few moves here... lol

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    This is one of my favorite patterns.  It shows up in the Gurgenidze Modern and also the Taimanov Sicilian when White castles short and plays f4.

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    Here's another pattern that I like, because of the repeated rook sacrifices on the same square.

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    I like the ones with the knights.


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    This is not what happened in the game. It wouuld have if he played Qxd5.

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    Here's a real easy classic trap I use against patzers/amateurs, though it usually only works once or twice.

    Classic. Btw does this have a name?

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    Here is the game:

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    It would suck to be black here.

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    chessgdt wrote:

    Here is the game:


    Actually something similar happened to me in a game, but in a Na5 Two Knights line, I was black and won

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    thenextprodigy wrote:


    It would suck to be black here.

    NICE! Neverunderestimate the power of the pawn! lol

    I wonder what black's reaction was. Laughing

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    This is a great checkmate, skip to the end, and you will see that no matter what White does, Black will play Qxg4+ Qxg4 Be7#, or Be7# directly


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    plotsin that is wrong cuz he could of just taken ur knight so free knight nice one

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    I know that, like I said, it usually doesn't happen that easily, but if you playing someone who just started then it's usually easy to pull off, not in that sequence of moves, but usually something like that with a queen and knight

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    thenextprodigy wrote:


    It would suck to be black here.


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    This is a good one, in a 1 min game:



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