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My Favourite Game Ever.

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    Look at the end VERY closely...

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    the game must've been a draw by repitition..!

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    You need to claim the draw in order for it to be a draw. 

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    Oran_perrett wrote:

    so how is this game won?

    Time. Because if we go on forever, I will eventually win on time. I forgot to tell you the time controls.

    He had like 20 secs and I had like 30.

  • #5

    At any point he could have clicked the "Draw" button for an automatic draw by repetition. 

  • #6

    Obvious, either he is'nt aware about the rule or he doesnt know how to clain the draw..!!

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    You can do that? Wow. I wasnt aware. Sorry :P

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    Another option was naturally 22...Rfd8 (instad of putting the other rook there) when white may resign.


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