My Game


here is a game of mine.


Geez RetGuvvie, take a pill.  Both of these players are under 1500.  If someone feels that they played a good game and wants to post it, I doubt that they are looking for negative feedback.  I realize that someone like you with a rating in the 1800s play others who don't make as many blatant mistakes, but seeing as how you seem to play a lot of 1200s you must come across a lot of mistakes like these.  There is nothing wrong with it.  People can be proud of how they played in a game despite how their opponent played.


I am open to negative comments more than positive.


I am sure you are ShahidAnwer, but it looks like you played a pretty good game.  Sometimes it is difficult not to make stupid moves while taking advantage of an opponents blunder.


In the first few moves things looked a little rough.  If the sides had been changed, how would you have capitalized on the moves black was making.  Nothing devastating, but nuisance forcing moves that could have long term consequences. 


That said, I really don't know c3 Sicilian.


Well played :)

Girgilis wrote:

Ur game was as simple as my 2 years old child can play..What a pitty to demonstrate ur opponent's mistakes as ur achievements....

Thanks for the feedback, I feel like 1 year old in chess


well done