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My Shortest Wins XVIII

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    Welcome to the eighteenth installment of My Shortest Wins! Today's game is a rather cool king chase starting with an early blow.

    By the way, Merry Christmas Eve to you all! My presents were great, I usually receive cash.. Frown For some people long out west it's still night!

    Well anyway..

    Let's bring on the game!:

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    Wow! Your opponent must really love horseysLaughing

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    yep. A little too much.Sealed

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    I don't think it's very odd that Fritz thinks you are equal. As I see this, if he went e6 or c6 instead of Nc6 white's advantage wouldn't be apparent.

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    lol this trap

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    @Cnacnel ya, your right.

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    Of course, the attempt to hang on to the knight with 4...Ke6 is insane, but it's fun watching somebody try it. I used to play this a lot as white whenever I came up against Nf6. I think black is theoretically much better after 4...g6, but the uninitiated are often flustered by the bishop sac, and follow up with a bunch of stupid moves. Here's a short one I played a few days ago, though not quite as short as yours. In this case, the intimidating sac back fired in my face!

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    A game I played with someone at work:

    Not pretty at'oll, lol.

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    Now the second game was cheap! Tongue Out

    Well I don't care what it's called, just used the engine after the game to find the ECO number.

    Anyway, merry christmas!

    Plus, I plan to post here parts of my story (going to Vegas!).

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    Since people post their games, I might as well... A game that shows what happens sometimes, when our opponent gets greedy and takes a pawn.

    A game vs. my rl friend:

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    now it's a game-posting forum? That's fine, as long as you see:


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