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The Scotch Game

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    I usually play this opening as white, or something similar to it when faced with a Sicilian.

    I think I'm having second thoughts though, and I'm probably going to start leaning towards the English c4.

    Heres a gameplay of me against a higher ranked player, who played the scotch game:

    Brought to you from the mind of an 1100 high school student.

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    Please, don't switch to the English as long as you play like this. You tend to create too many weak squares, and the English is (basically) all about avoiding this.

    This being said, you are playing well over your rating, I would say around 1500 or more.

    (and post in the 'analysis' forum).

    Your comments in "quotation marks"

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    Nice game, and I liked Irontiger's analysis. White's whole kingside plan beginning with 7.h3 (7.Be2 probably marginally better) seems to be wrong-headed. And the g4 - g5 follow-up maybe the worst idea since portable tombstones. Also, after 5.c4, black can try 5...f5 and then Nf6, increasing the pressure on white's e4.

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    So this belongs in the analysis forum? Will do next time, and thanks for the feedback! Smile


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