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Uh...pwn'd !!!

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    Challenge me, online chess! I'll make it worth while :P
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    What am I looking at here?

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    sryiwannadraw wrote:

    Challenge me, online chess! I'll make it worth while :P

     Very well.

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    1640 vs 1869


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    Kupov3 wrote:

    What am I looking at here?

     I think it looks a little bit like it might be a chess game. Or something along those lines.

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    You don't say...

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    hang in there and all will be well


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    what a bragger.. the OP is a douchebag, thats why he will never be above 1600 FIDE rating..

    In a tournament he wins the first game, he will jump up and say, UH, PWNED, and then for the rest of the tournament he gets owned for being over-confident.

    Good luck in life.



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    the guy who hates art hope you enjoy paying $ for a game u are never going to fully understand..sigh


    *tips his cup to your failure

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    So you need to love art in order to be successful in chess?

    Sighs.. you need a stronger argument..


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    I beat you

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    Uh where did the little horsey thing jump too...oh yea ...DAM Cry

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    the real meaning of this game is that this guy is 60+ years old and has been playing his whole life and is very experienced and I'm probably under the age of 20 and I'm getting beat but through this brutal battle I somehow manage to mate his king with the only three defenders my team even had.


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