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20 surprising discoveries since joining chess.com

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     21.  people who make their (chess) moves very quickly

     22.  people who make their moves very slowly

     23.  people who time out inexplicably 

     24.  deep philosophical discussions

     25.  live chess, tactic trainer, tournaments, great articles (I’m told)

     26.  games and puzzles with comments

     27.  360 chess (not that I get it)

     28.  very good lady chess players

     29.  chess.com staff who actually answer my questions

     30.  ratings and the motivation to want to improve

     31.  people rated below me who pull off amazing wins

     32.  people rated above me who make surprising blunders

     33.  losing won positions

     34.  winning lost positions

     35.  people who resign when they lose the initiative

     36.  people who play on even when their position is utterly lost

     37.  the need to think first

     38.  patience

     39.  a growing repertoire of favoured openings

     40.  chess can be fun

     41.  chess can be frustrating (especially when stuck for a move)

     42.  inaccuracies, mistakes and, dare I say it, blunders

     43.  friends

     44.  enemies (actually few if any)

     45.  being humiliated by a better player

     46.  being humiliated by a lesser player

     47.  coming back later and getting a result against my nemesis

     48.  being asked to be an Admin for a group I care about

     49.  Murphy’s law reinforced - “don’t assume anything”

     50.  learning humility - an ongoing process :)

  • #22

    what about those who time out in tournaments without making a move , dont get them why register then not play. 

  • #23

    29.  chess.com staff is nice.


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