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A Chess Book Dilemma

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    I'm wondering about the availability of real "Chess Bookstores" (bookstores that sell and invest only on chess books)  in each country to sell books to people looking/finding the titles they need?. I've read in alot of threads here at chess.com as how much each book is priced first/second hand books.

    Here in our country, chess books are very rarely found in bookstores and if you ever found one it is priced 3 to 4 times as much as an ordinary worker would recieved his salary in a day. So i can say i was lucky  that my uncle handed down his books to me which was handed down to him by my granpa (although the books are really old).It is good that, there are collectors here that are interested in swapping titles even if its 4 decades and more old.Because of this, i get to have books published in years 1990's to 2007( mind you, my books were published from 1932 to 1988 good enough to be everyones gift from granpaWink) in swap of my (precious ones) books that really deserved to be republished.I remember posting here at chess.com about swapping titles and i got a lot (flooding e-mails) for my titles and some i was not even able to reply back (sorry brothers). It dawned to me how unlucky chess, (when it comes to books) are here in our country. I recently swapped my Chess informant Nos. 1 to 22 ( I really missed #10 were Fischer analyzed his games in 1970 and #2 because of the Spassky -Petrosian Match) for books between 1995 to 2003 to a collector in  his mid fifties and was surprised to hear from the person that he got his books from Canada, US, and London. WOW!.Until now...i am still looking for the ALekhine-Capablanca MAtch in 1927 which was said to have been analyzed by Capa. I have heard about e-books but i'm not sure if those are real copies or legal. Chess books, if ever found here, are gold.

    This might as well be a blog instead of  post, but maybe it is here were i can say sorry to those whom i was not able to reply to. And secondly, as a survey  to compare the availability of books pertaining to chess in each ones community.Wink

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    hi baltic, i'm selling original chess books like Starting Out 1d4 by john cox, The Petroff by Raetsky etc.at a reasonable price.if you are interested or know someone who wishes tu buy you may pm me at fierychess@chess.com.







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    anybody has chessasia magazine ... back issue i want to buy.


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