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A fast game in a slow night.

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    I played this 5/0 game a short time ago and lightly annotated it with my post-game observations (showing why blitz often forgives weaker moves).  My opponent and I were almost evenly rated.

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    Pretty nice.  You're relentless in your attack.  I found I kind of curious that on 16 not me chose Be6 instead of exf, but that's life in blitz-world.  Good game.

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    Thanks.  I find it's easier to attack than defend, and under a heavy attack people often make even weaker moves that they might otherwise make (though, as I demonstrated, the attacker is pretty capable of finding second-rate moves too... but they're not usually  a self-destructive).

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    batgirl wrote: and under a heavy attack people often make even weaker moves that they might otherwise make














    Keeping a cool head under pressure - that's the ticket.

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    Not me is closely related to NN and both have similar stats.

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    But his 600 year lifespan must offer adequate compensation :-)

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    Now I feel bad for spamming in batgirl's thread, so back to the game...  It was a good drubbin' you gave poor old notme :-) At 5|0 time controls, I suck pretty bad, so I'm suitably impressed!

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    nice game !

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    Spam away. . .  blitz is for fun.

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    That was another pretty brutal thumping , just hope not-me  decides not to put you on his not-you Block list !  Cool

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    this is so not 1500

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    Helzeth wrote:

    this is so not 1500

    Nope, it's blitz.

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    Black's 13 ...Rad8 is the losing blunder, ...Rfe8 defends the Be7 so 14 Nd5 isn't any great shakes, as they said in the olden days.

    Experienced players wouldn't fall into it, but newbies gain experience by making those mistakes.

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    "Experienced players wouldn't fall into it..."

    Experience players are all the time falling into places they wished they'd never seen and in 5/0 they do it a lot. What saves most people is that their opponent also can't see everything in a few seconds either.


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