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Amusing moment on Live Chess

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    Ok, maybe I have a weird sense of humour, but I found this funny ...

    I log into Live, start up a 5 min game. I play perhaps not the most theoretically accurate move on move 7, but he falls for the trap, panics, sacs his queen, loses the game fairly quickly:

    Anyway, so he wants a rematch, I accept. I decide to go into the exact same line as he played against me! Sure enough, on move 7, he plays 7...Ndb4. Clearly he has not used this move before, as seen in the previous game. I play a different move, and then he tries to copy what I did, but ends up losing a knight (and resigning, of course!)

    Well, it made me laugh!

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    Lol indeed!

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    Quite funny, yes. ^^

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    Cool opening but bad chess was players out of it by your enemy

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    Great waller! It reminds me on 2 games played on WCC between Kasparov & Karpov. Karpov didn't know how to play the line so he decided to play exactly the same line but reversed colours next day. And Kasparov showed him then! Tongue Out

    Well, you were Kasparov here. Wink

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    -waller- you just made my day.

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    Very funny.


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