Any way to view all your missed tactics?


In the tactical genius article by IM Pruess, one main suggestion was to go back over all the tactics you missed three times to store the pattern. Is there any way to view all the tactics you've done, especially the missed ones, to review them? What I see in stats are just the last 25. Is there a way to filter everything you've done to get to the ones you've missed? 

That's a drawback to the Tactics here. This option does not exist. Personally, I would like to go through all 40,000 missed problems. Another site where I have solved far fewer, this is possible.

Well that is devastating. I cannot go back and see what I have missed after passing past the 25 exercise log.


I spend about an equal amount of time here and at If you're a paying ($25/yr) at chesstempo, all (up to 50,000) of your problems are available and you can set up some special training programs based on ones you missed by rating of problem and by the TAGs.


There"s a review feature in the Custom Unrated tactics trainer where you can choose to review past failures in general or by any of a few dozen categories.  Pretty useful IMHO...

Send an email to Support and tell them you wish to have that option. The more people ask for certain changes, the more likely they're going to be turned into reality.

An interesting question. I don't even know how to get those 25 missed tactics mentioned in a few of the answers. Also "Stats" is emntioned. I guess that means statistics. How can I view Stats?


I prefer ChessTempo many times over vs. the tactics here.

I'm a full member there too and it's so much nicer.

I particularly love that I can move any piece anywhere I want to after the tactics are done.

So I can try to analyze why some move I thought worked didn't work without getting the answer from the computer.

Much better place for tactics.
The one here is rather lame in comparison actually.


gavagai_hh wrote:

An interesting question. I don't even know how to get those 25 missed tactics mentioned in a few of the answers. Also "Stats" is emntioned. I guess that means statistics. How can I view Stats?

By going to a profile then clicking on a box that has a rating e.g tactics. Then it should let you view stats. For tactics trainer on a computer you can click on tactics trainer and instead of pressing "start" you can click on the bar graph icon below the start button for your tactics stats.


Okay guys I figured it out.

I just keep a notepad open called "Missed Tactics Chess dot com" When I miss one, I just copy the tactic number in the wordfile. Takes about 1 second. Now I have a list of every missed tactic, and you can always search and bring up every tactic if you have the number. Just keep a notepad, when you have about 20 missed, go back and review them 3 times, then put a +1 next to the number in your note file or something. Then do it again, and you'll know how many times you've reviewed what you missed. It's a hack way of doing it, but it works. 

rlian3 hat geschrieben:

By going to a profile 

I don't know where that is. But the alternative way you described worked and I got a list of solved and missed tactics. Thanks.


 You can view your missed problems:  Open the Tactics Trainer.  To the left of the orange Start button is a gray button with a bar graph and arrow going up to the right,  Hover over the button and it will reveal that it is labeled "Training mode."  Click the button.  Options pop up above.  Click "Custom Unrated" and a window with options will appear.  In the upper right of that window under the word "Include" you can select "all problems" or "problems I missed."  "Problems I missed" should show you them ones you messed up.


That's awesome thank you!



Thanks, I will try that.