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Broken heart...defeated a friend then was accussed of cheating!

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    ChastityMoon wrote:

    My experience over the years as an observer of chess players is that I know of no other group that as a whole has a higher concentration of egotistical assholes.   That is not to say the condemnation applies to a majority but for whatever reason, the ego factor comes to bear in such a way that quite often ugliness in behavior surfaces more often than in other disciplines.

    A nerdy little punkass is never going to find themselves in the position to gloat over a victory in some physical endeavor where the natural order of things dictates they will not supercede their logical place in the pecking order but chess leverages those undeserving in other ways into positions of supremacy over persons who otherwise outshine them in other important areas that contribute to normal self esteem.    

    What I'm trying to say here contributes in a way to the disadvantage of us females playing in the male's world of chess.   At least it has in the past.    When we lose chess games our egos are not crushed.   

    You may have a Point ! Because at this one chess tournament my opponent was a very Beautiful Female  Kiss  and i TOLD  her so !

    Then she put me in "Check" - So i told her she was only "CUTE".  

    Then she put me in " Double-Check" - So i told her only i am " CUTE"  Laughing !

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    nameno1had wrote:
    konhidras wrote:
    aerodarts wrote:
    konhidras wrote:
    macer75 wrote:

    So you're saying that you originally considered someone that u just met a few minutes ago on the internet to be your friend?

    Nope..but someone you met many months ago... The reason chess is more enjoyable is....you play with a friend..who would not rant at you when he loses, but i guess i was wrong.

    You meet this person many months ago? How many is many? Where did you meet? Cheating in a 1 minute game?! How?

    Youve got it!. How in the world can anyone cheat at 1 min blitz? right? But this friend just think i did. Now i feel so good beating a 2040 in a 3 min game. :)

    There are three ways to cheat in 1 min bullet...a stand in, a bot or flash hacking...

    I doubt you used a stand in. A bot would be obvious after an analysis and to prove flash hacking takes multiple witnesses and a few strange patterns in your game results....

    I doubt you did any of them. I saw a CM here the other day rated barely over 1200 in bullet. I was rated over 1000 and won several games until I tried a few tourneys, after not having tried to even play it in a while. It is a difficult game. You almost don't have time to think and practically becomes a button pushing contest, where faster reflexs and luck come into play.

    What is , a bot or flash hacking... (reference about how to cheat)


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