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Cancelling a request for rematch if you win to a higher rating!

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    Why is it that some players got angry if they loose to a lower rated player and dis agree for a rematch,i believed it is always our choice if we still want to play and we're not being rude to them, what do you think guyz?

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    There's already been threads beating this topic to death. Do a search for them.

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    Of course you are correct, but unfortunately some players have fragile egos and/or poor mental health.  Don't get drawn into their anger; send a few compassionate thoughts their way and move on.

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    1) its always a players choice if they want a rematch (win/loose, higher rating or lower)

    2) if someone gets angry and "demands" a rematch then I'll almost always refuse, just because I dont want to play someone who has such a negative mindset.

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