There is something in your sunconscious that stops you. It happens and chess is a mind game and lot of involvement of mental aspects


You must be an attacking player. I don't see anything wrong with being aggressive while playing black. There are some really good openings for Black, which allow you to contest the initiative as soon as possible. The Sicilian, as you probably well know, is a nice one for that. I myself play Black with the White pieces a lot. I'm not that aggressive usually. Depends on mood.

pilsnermanija wrote:
I can't play as black, only as white. If someone knows what the problem is please help.

Fixed that for you.

Fiveofswords wrote:

what is 'playing like black'? I dont understand this at all...

Perhaps I was being assumptive, Fiveofswords, but I meant playing White with more of a passive or closed position, or playing White with reversed Black defenses.


Just try to play for a week or two as black only. Gives you a good feel of defenses.

Also, study your losses.


That was unnecassary attack for, have your comment remove. If you have proof see the staff about this in private please by using the Help and Support and take a ticket.  


Don't blame him to much kco, look at his occupation I would say he is a bit bitter with everthing atm.


what, a former account close ? An investor, well that should be good new for consumers, prices down, property price should come down soon so is a good time to buy buy , but that no excuse for his remark though. Smile