Chess as a combat sport!

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    The gm could plan a stratagy to use to get out, and a war isn't all about strength either, although war is mainly physical, but it's gone completely over your head that we're not trying to point out the physical things in martial arts and chess, but this about the tactics and stratagem to win.

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    Should say strategies; damn auto-type XD

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    The only GM I know of that is vocal about it is Maurice Ashley. He used to train in akido and he usually talks about it when he explains chess to people that are new to the game.

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    Chess may have originally been invented as war simulation -- what do you think?  But that may be off the topic because war involves lots of military and hardware, and we are talking here about chess as a combat sport.  Sport and war, of course, are also vastly different!! 

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    There's no shortage of macho trash talk while playing blitz chess for money.

    Whether that qualifies as a "combat sport" is another question entirely.

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    Josh Waitzkin on chess and martial arts (tai chi chuan, Brazilian jiu-jitsu):

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    I was interesting about this book but I did not manage to read it,I will try to read it.

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    A few good blows to the head will drastically reduce your chess ability.

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