Chess as Presented in Code Geass

FSNightmare wrote:
Goatllama wrote:

This thread every couple years or so:


When a code geass fan decides to play some chess, it's not too hard to come upon this post like I did just now lol. Funny that the last comment is quite recent too.

Oh, for sure! It's a testament to the show's popularity that this particular set of circumstances happens, if not yearly, at least once every few years. I'm very pleased that this thread continues to live!

septiembredenegro wrote:

Just thought I'd go ahead and post this for the first game :)

I thought the first game was surprisingly realistic (once I figured out what the pieces were).  Unfortunately, the whole "He's sacrificing his king!" thing in the match with Schneizel...

Not to beat this long-dead horse, but if it really was black to move(when I put in into the engine it was white's move but that could j be random), there is no way to stop mate in 2. 


This is like saying there are illegal moves in “The Queen’s Gambit”


It was always a Code Geass spinoff.