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I am currently looking for a good chess book to buy. I would greatly appriciate it if you would recomend a book.

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You'll need to let us know a bit more about what you're looking for.  Openings? Tactics? End game? Traps and pitfalls?


If you really want to improve, I honestly suggest you get a membership. The tactics trainer has helped my tactics, the most important part of our game at our level, amazingly.


I am searching for an opening book.


There are very very many of them. There are several types: encyclopedias (Modern Chess Openings, Nunn's Chess Openings, the Encyclopedia, etc), books on one specific opening, or one repertoire, and general "ideas" books.

I think that because of your level, the encyclopedias are worthless for you (only moves, no explanation), and the repertoire / specific opening books are generally too full of analysis.

So I'd go for an "ideas" book. Chess Openings Essentials: The Complete 1.e4 gets good reviews on Amazon, but there may be others. Watson's books get rave reviews but are probably too high level (although that may be a mistake on my part).

Two good links for reviews of chess books (besides Amazon):

Hmm, appears Chess Openings Essentials has some bad points as well, but don't know which:


Serbiac's post s again on the mark. Depending on your level a good opening repertoire book makes sense. Everyman has a series called Starting Out... (lots of opening choices) which are are excellent for learning many of the ideas and getting you up to speed on that specific opening. Chess Openings the Essentials is going to be a three  part series and it really just covers the basic names and early opening moves but can not be used by itself. Andy Soltis (one of my favorite authors) wrote a neat little book for Thinkers Press (though it was an odd shaped size book) that I thought was very good. I am sure it can be found on e-bay for about $5 I do not remember the exact title. 


thanks for posting

I'll probably get a book in the starting out series