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chess cartoon

  • #1

    Hi, my name is Michael and mostly i teach, but I also draw cartoons about teaching, and since I play chess with my students... anyway, please enjoy.


  • #2

    Can't make it out, it's off the page.

  • #3

    Yes, I'm afraid it's awfully enormous.

  • #4

    I opened it in a new tab and saw the whole thing.  I don't get the joke.  ha.  

  • #5

    If you're using Firefox, right click on the picture and click on "View Image."

    I'm afraid I also don't get the joke.

  • #6

    Here it is in a smaller size.

  • #7

    Oh yeah ("new tab")...and no, I don't get it.

    Must be like one of those Doonesbury things...

  • #8

    I think it was just a really quick game.

  • #9

    No, I had a student who was so freaked out to play me that I yelled 'checkmate' and he sort of jumped and whas like 'what? How?' instead of telling me to knock it off.

    and thanks for telling folks how to fit in the browser.  I didn't know.


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