Chess rating is a scam


Chess rating is a scam wholeheartedly propagated by the owners of this site who wants you to get hooked on it and play constantly. That is why they give you artificially low rating (close to 1200) where you may think that you are average and you work desperately to improve it. It is not possible however because the pyramid is crafted so skillfully and artificially (top 1% comprise 50% of the rating curve, non-Gaussian distribution). Even some of the smartest people out there with which I had honour and pleasure to play will never improve their mediocre rating. It is ridiculous scam that best players have twice as much points as you. Are they so much smarter? I don't think so! Again, it is all scam. Stop playing it, you will never improve your rating, you will just waste time here to the pleasure of the site owners.


It is free so I dont know what benefit they are getting from me, there is another site where I play a couple of games every night and then next day I receive points from the person who was cheating, (every day I receive points back), but I prefer  the graphical interface of  this site and the forum of people ready to help and assist newbies like me.


I started at 1800...


The OP appears to have simultaneously mastered the dual arts of whining and sucking at chess.


A player with twice the rating (given reasonable ratings) is not twice as smart, but is hundreds of times better than you at the game, in that a 1300 would get 100-0'd by a 2600. 

So ratings are fairly generous. 


If a 1300er gets wiped 100-0 by 2600, then 2600 is not 100x but infinitely better. See how 2000+ player doesn't understand concepts in math. wink.png So what is the point of rating - you are better than me, or what? It is just so wrong on many levels.


The point of a rating is to measure your skill at chess against a field of other players.


So if I beat a 2100 1-0, I'm infinitely better? It's you who doesn't understand basic logic and math.

100-0 was clearly just an example - sooner or later, the 2600 will lose a game, maybe 900-1 or something, and in the long run the ratio is the score, which I'm guessing will easily be in the x00 times in favor of the 2600. 


Based on your lack of basic logical reasoning skills and tendency to jump to conclusions, it's no surprise that you have a horrible 1250 blitz rating after a thousands of games and 5 years - logic and analysis are two important skills in chess.


So you think that the higher rated players here aren't better than the lower rated players, or what? I'm confused as to the nature of the scam.


Actually, that the OP thought infinite actually existed and claimed someone else didn't know math wasn't the main stupid point he brought up.

The main thing to notice is that the OP has "wasted" more time playing chess on here (thousands of blitz and *rapid* games) than everyone here combined. 


100% troll post.


 i think the OP misunderstands the point of a rating

one your rating is just an indication of how likely you are to win.  it is roughly reflective of your strength in comparison to the other users of the site.  nothing more, nothing less. if you win games, rating goes up.  no scam.

@cherub_enjel, that is an unedifying comment, don't attack other users for their rating


Nah, it is just a weird talent coupled with an ability to keep anal focus and not make blunders. You seem to be very touchy about it. I am sure you worked very hard on your game and have formed a stance that you are very smart because you have high chess rating. Your premise is wrong, and if it wasn't - there are so many guys that are smarter than you. Sorry to have ruined your night, try to sleep well nevertheless.


Cherub answered very well. 

Rating isn't a scam. 

Higher levels of skill and ability do exist. 

OP - play a few games against someone with 2100, get yourself crushed, FEEL the difference...


Now that I see #14 - well yes, definitely a troll. No more attention warranted :-)


The OP, having no progress after thousands of blitz and slow games, decides to attack the rating system, telling people not to play.

I'd say that's pretty unedifying.

And then (purposefully?) misinterprets my explanation.


I'm actually a pretty weak player (when I become titled I'll be an OK player), and my IQ isn't anything special.

Just not quite as stupid as the OP, who wastes 5 years playing slow chess to fail at not hanging pieces every turn, and who thinks that infinite exists and thinks some other person can't do math lol. 


Yes, weak chess players can be smart, much smarter than me. But not the OP, that's for sure. 

I've worked hard, but certainly not nearly as hard as the OP, given his game history over more years.


 Lol trolls that identify themselves with their chess rating get pissed by notions that question their illusions of self-grandeur. Priceless...


The only troll here is you lol


Seriously, I am not a person of conflict. Yes I can't help making blunders (that's organic - can't do anything about it). I admire your chess rating, however one thing bothers me - you keep insisting there is no infinity. Is that a bias there?