dedicated chess computers vs DGT board/Chess Playing programs

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    I just wondering what do you perfer playing against or using dedicated chess computers or DGT boards and Chess playing software.

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    I love my dedicated chess computers and they are more than a match for me.

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    I bought this in 1984, love it.


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    I love both, but I have a DGT board. I think what I like about the DGT boards is size and the fact it works with a number of programs. I also think the DGT boards look better than many of dedicated chess computers.

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    Hi, My friend and I both have recently purchased DGT boards, relatively new, purchased in the past few months, the USB versions. We have had nothing but head aches so far trying to play games with each other or other people across and (chessbase site). does not support the DGT board at this time also, which is quite sad. We have done all that DGT support told us to do, downloaded and installed all their recommended drivers and software on now 5 Windows based computers, both 64 bit and 32 bit versions, loaded all their latest Rabbit plugins, and sent their support logs for analysis. We barely can get through a single game before the overall system stops working, either the ICC or playchess sites stop talking to the driver software (their Rabbit plugin) or the rabbit plugin stops communicating with the USB drivers (and sometimes unplugging the USB and plugging it back in will kick start the rabbit software again but other times it crashes and locks the computers up mid game. We have had to adjourn or abort more games then we can get through using the DGT boards via the Internet. While the boards seem much more stable using Fritz software directly, our primary goal was to use the boards via the Internet to play other people and gain practice for tournament play. Unfortunately, the software and websites interfacing with it don't seem to make DGT connectivity a priority, as for example does not even support them, and we are greatly disspointed in the overall experience so far. We are actively communicating with DGT support, sending them logs, doing what they tell us, but no luck in getting a reliable or enjoyable DGT based experience for either of us so far. So far, the DGT board is almost a big paperweight and waste of money for what we can do with it. We are hoping they and the sites get together and fix their software and drivers, but it appears DGT board owners are a minority and not important overall.

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