Disconnect Cheat Glitch


So many users with the same problem and your assumptions should fit all of them ?


If someone can demonstrate to me that their opponent is winning lots of lost games due to timeout, then I'll take it seriously.


Until then, I'll assume that you're a handful of paraniod people who are disonnecting through no fault of your own.


Do you know what beats paranoia? Logic.


Look at his previous games. Is there a pattern? y/n


@shubhamsio, I just looked through your last 100 losses.  You have two games where you appear to have lost due to disconnections:




That's 2% of your recent losses.  Since you lose about half of your games, that's about 1% of your games.  That's enough to be annoying and it would be good if we can find a way to improve that, but let's keep it in perspective: for every game you lose by disconnecting, you can play about 99 without a problem.


I took a look at your opponents in those games.  In the first one, your game was the only recent one he appears to have won by his opponent disconnecting in a won position.  He has a couple games where he was winning and his opponent either disconnected or abandoned the game, but he was going to win those anyway.  Your opponent in the other game has only won two of his last 50 wins (so about 2 of his last 100 games) by an opponent disconnecting in a game where he was likely to lose.

If they had a cheat like this, they would be doing it more often like that.  But such a cheat is technically extremely difficult, and impossible for the average hacker.


What's far more likely is an internet glitch, a problem with the server, or a problem on your end.  A hack by your opponents just doesn't make sense.  Neither of your recent losses from disconnection are against people who have a pattern of winning that way, and there are other explanations that make much more sense.


Now, that doesn't mean it's not a problem that would be good to improve, but it simply doesn't make sense for it to be your opponent hacking you.


Here's a screen shot of 1 of my games I was referring to. You'll notice that the WiFi signal showing on "MY" phone at the very top (the 2nd symbol just right of my alarm) is full at all times. His time went 0:00 around 7:20pm but after it keep refreshing the count down I started doing screen shots since it happened earlier the same day and the first one I took is at 7:22pm in a 5 min game. Also note that the chess.com app also has "it's own WiFi signal" but that is and has been full bars as well.


You'll see at 7:24 his disconnect stopped but he has no time left? Also another screenshot at 7:29 shows the disconnect countdown starting again and his clock is pinned at 0:00.

This continued in an endless loop and it you notice at 7:32pm the "chess.com app would flash to red bars and go in and out" and then his clock would stop counting down and restart all over from 55 I believe. Get to 35, flash the WiFi and just trying to get me to leave it seems.

Hope this helps as this is what I'm sure is happening to other members.nullnullnull


Just been "disconnected" as I was about to win....this happened to me at least a hundred times but   today I felt the need to search if this had happened to somebody else....and I found your thread...MGleason and VintagePawn, you seem to be quite sure that there is no cheat and that your opponent cannot disconnect you(and you might be right) but...this happens to me on a regular bases (several times a day)...I play from my phone, my Ipad and my computer...I travel a lot between countries and change servers and internet providers very often and yet....it keeps on happening. These "internet problems" only happen if I connect to play a game on chess.com, if I connect to work (or for any other reason) I don't often lose my connection.......Also, I recently got in the habit of checking the profile of opponents who beat me after a disconnection...in most cases, their profile is completely empty, with no history whatsoever...isn't that strange?...Also, if somehow I find a way to reconnect fast enough (by restarting my internet and reconnecting to chess.com) then my opponent plays completely ridiculous moves and loses all of its material in no time....it is like playing a GM and then a beginner in the same game...this said, I love the game and chess.com no matter what.


Is everyone having these problems using an app? If so, what app and what phone?


I’m having this problem which is very aggravating. Seems odd it only happens when I’m losing. What ever is happening it does not make me want to pay for the service
Sorry meant winning
Update. I was clearly losing and won on time, so I think maybe if your on WiFi and cell data is on but goes out of range you could possibly get disconnected, idk???

As said earlier I started really paying attention to this pbm recently but I noticed it for years. Now here is something weird: since my post, I tried different "tricks".Most of the time I play from my computer and it is from this device I get disconnected the most...except that I now open two windows: on one of them I play a random youtube video, on the other, I play on chess.com...and since then, no more disconnecting....weird but it works for me happy.png


Very strange, I pretty much always have at least two tabs open.