Do you record your games?


I honestly find recording annoying and time-consuming. I decided to record only when I'm playing against a rated player. In a recent tournament, I felt freer during the game compared to the slight pressure when recording.

Does anyone agree with me?


I recorded when I hit 1900 for the first time


I used to write out and keep my games. I made a special form for this purpose. Then I was in a club that had several people who turned out be real idiots. They were more interested in discussing politics and religion and "woke" than chess. The night they started joking about the "n-word" was the night I stopped recording my games, stopped doing puzzles and stopped taking seriously.


The key is to find an approach that allows you to enjoy the game while still making progress in your chess skills.

I do not record any games.

I only record the openings and endgame motifs of my games to see which are the ones I should study first... The more popular they are in my games, the more motivated I am to study them...

I don’t record