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Do you think chess and mathematics are related?

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    how are those 2 are related 

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    I believe we established above that they are second cousins on their mother's side.

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    JoyofSatan_dot_org wrote:

    If a1 = 11 and h8 = 88, and if g2 = 72 and g7 = 77, you would add 1 to 72 to make 73 for an opening pawn move. Or 52+2=54 for e4. Your opponent would subtract 2 from 57 to get 55 for e5. You can plot it out on a graph. You can also do the moves for rooks and knights and bishop and queens. Pawn capture, en passent. I have not gone too far into it. I don't see much purpose for it except maybe for a chess program. I really just wanted to say chess is math when I was taking a math course at college. Let me know what you guys think.

    This seems to make no sense.  1. e4 = 54 = 52+2, right?  In that case, black playing e4 at some point is also 54 because 55-1=54.  What if tyhe queen moves to e4?  Is this still 54?  If one were to add the piece value to the equation, such as giving a knight +3, then Ne1 = 54.  Therefore there is no way to show what moves where, meaning your current system denotes nothing.  There are other problems.  How about 37... Nfd5?  How about Qa1 - Qh8?  Your system has nothing to include moving across files, designating pieces, captures, and special descriptors such as check.

    The idea of a graph illustrates nothing.  Graphs are a visual representation of data.  Your system will require two graphs since black also moves.  Therefore, soon as black plays 1... e5, they are shown as having a higher number on the graph than white, giving us an asymmetrical graph to represent a symmetrical chessboard.  Another option would to have a negative graph for black, but now we're back to descriptive notation.  The more important flaw in the graph is that is represents nothing on the chessboard.  It does nothing to show the strength of the position, or event he position itself.

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    What JoyofSatan neglected to mention is that he's using international correspondence chess code. 

    The way to read it is instead of letters for the files, they receive numbers. And the ranks also have number. Files appear first, so e2 is represented by 52. e4 is represented by 54. 53 would be e3. The normal way to write 1.e4 in such a system is 5254. The advantage of this system is that it does not depend on any letters. Rf1 means Rook to f1 in English, but K to f1 in French.

    1.Nf3 would appear as 7163 (g1-f3).


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