don’t walk away

It’s the IDIOTS that walk away that spoil this great App, if you think your gonna get beat, tough and suck it up🤬

From what

I know what you mean, but I also get why people do walk off. It does take the sting out of losing a bit and lets people calm down. Additionally, I time out all the time, because the app access just quits - oddly it tends to happen at pivotal points and it’s not consistent at all. One minute the connection is glorious and then it just does. I check other apps during these periods and they work fine, it’s just this one for whatever reason. So while you’re absolutely right that some people just need to not be there when they lose, I suspect it’s not deliberate 100% of the time. (More like 85%). Anyway, if you’re still online while they’re taking ten deep breaths, you can use the time to reevaluate various positions you had worked through bonus!. :).
Fair point, it just feels like say 20% of people make a few moves and leave or come back about 15min later to see if you have aborted the game thus you lose the points, it’s such a waste of time, but I hang on anyway as I’m not going to give them the satisfaction of picking up unearned points. Love this site despite this nonsense🤔
3 times this happened today. Mine were intentional. There should be a way to report these people.
It happened again. I am starting to think it is the app
8 minutes every time this happens. Either it is shady players or the apps causing the issue.

Finish the game in 1 min, play bullet then!


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