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    In response to mattyf9:

    Still, my (quickly made and not very important in this for the rest quite interesting thread) point was that 1400blows didn't reply to Omar's content, but rejected it on the base of him having not made master (i.e. his rating), while claiming ratings shouldn't be measured in a discussion. And he did it very childishly, hence my support to Omar. Whether his plan works is another discussion. It would certainly make you a better player, like most serious chess study I imagine. 

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    Easy road to a Master title

    Easy way: Cheat, Use Houdini and Remember the moves for all possible combinations in chess including variations.
    Hard way: Become Jesus.
    Right way: Train hard and stop making threads about stuff I won't be reading.
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    omar_kj wrote:

    I think I have put together a decent way to become a master, even if not a very high rated one.

    I put on my glasses and read your lengthy post there's not one word in there that mentions the importance of studying  the endgame in a very serious way except for a very brief mention of Mark Dvortskey's book your post gave me the impression you consider the endgame more of an after thought.

    It's very dangerous to put a delusional idea in kids and younger players heads out there they can achieve mastery of chess without a thorough knowledge of the elements or the endgame.

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    What would you recommend against the Scotch?  I'm currently looking at some Steinitz games with 4...Qh4 but it seems too play for tricks instead of logical play.  Could you recommend a sound non-4...Nf6 alternative?  What are the pros and cons of 4...Qf6 for example?  I'm starting on OTB soon and will start off with 1...e5 against 1.e4 and already plan on using the 1.e4,e5 2.Nf3,Nc6 3.Bb5,Bc5 variation of the Ruy Lopez as Schiller recommends that for those just starting out. 

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    why would you listen to anything eric schiller recommends? as for the scotch, what is wrong with the classical mainline? e4 e5 nf3 nf6 d4 exd nxd4 bc5 be3 qf6 c3 etc? seems to give a relatively straightforward game.

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    no one explain me how study 5 games in 1 hour.

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    Cidragon wrote:

    no one explain me how study 5 games in 1 hour.

    It's simple Cidragon. You average one every 12 minutes.

    That's about blitz pace, correct? I'm sorry, I'm just doing the math. It's a habit.

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    Thanks a lot for all the comments guys. I took the opportunity to revise the original post to accomodate some of the recommendations and concerns you guys put up. The input of the FM above is also gladly received. If there is anything further, just let me know and I will add it to the original post. I hope it will benefit a number of you who are sincerely looking to improve your game. Please don't mind the title of the forum post. I am hardly in a position to say that the master title is easy to get as I am not one myself. I am, however, pursuing it and I can share what I have learned so far :)

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    I think the new version is a clear improvement Smile Thanks for spending time changing it. I will definetly come back to read things through again later and consider doing some of the recommendations. I was worried for a while that all your tips was gone when the comment was deleted.

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    I think that Omar should be given a lot of credit for the way he's handled this. All Omar tried to do was suggest a simple plan for improvement and all he got was pounded for his efforts. But, instead of being offended, Omar used the criticism constructively to improve his plan. Bravo Omar!

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    Thank you for that comment william :)

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    Thanks asad, I don't have a fide rating yet as I only started to play tournaments seriously last year. I have a CFC rating which is around 1800 although it is completely inaccurate since I haven't played any serious tournaments for half a year or so, during which I have learned a lot! I am still not at NM strength since the NM's in my province can beat me but compared to the people I can beat, I think I am hovering around 2000 strength. As for the latter part of your question, it took me about half a year to get from 1400 CFC, which was my kid rating, to 1856, which was the rating before the current half year break. 

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    thanks, you too!

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    manfredmann wrote:

    Does anyone know - if it's possible to edit a forum title once the forum has been created?


    manage all content


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    ok, now can we get an illustrated roadmap to the master title? Wink

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