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Fair Play

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    i got a message saying chess.com is monitoring all games and feels my game could have breeched the fair play rules.. what is the criteria for this? how do they monitor? what do i do?

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    Some people do rage-quit on chess.com, and basically ethier pull the ethernet plug, close the window, or attack the computer after losing in chess.

    This is identified as abandoning the game. This can also be due to poor connection on, say, a phone.


    Unfortunately, this looks suspiciously like rigging the system to make your rating 2400 without being nearly that good. If the game has few moves, or if a side was clearly winning when they abondoned the game, and this is repeated for a certain "winner" (you win when your opponent abondones the game by default. 1 move to checkmate, they abondon it? You win.)


    If chess.com notices this repitition, they will identify you as someone who appears to be trying to break the system, and restrict your account if you continue.


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