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    OVAS28 felicitari, am vazut partida cu kiwi totusi daca nu facea greseala aceia grava partida se mai juca , era indecisa 

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    hmmm... i understand thats greath!!

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    Yep, good news, nice one!

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    frumos sa citesc articol in limba romana.. Innocent

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    Que barbaridad

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    o quê?

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    I think he means Team Romania is playing Team NZ. I could be very wrong however. He may be asking where he can buy a kiwi for all the Rumanian I speak (I assume it is Rumanian).

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    @nki: It's not rumanian, it's ROMANIAN language Wink

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    Sorry. I rest my case.

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    Hey hey, what a thread!

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    catalin_ionescu wrote:

    @nki: It's not rumanian, it's ROMANIAN language

    Actually it can be Rumanian and Roumanian for that matter although I think their kinda dated...

    I was there a 5 years ago, cool place cool people, kinda gross lake I swum in though, near Reşiţa.

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    va rog sa ma ajute cineva care stie. am primit un mesaj de la chess com pentru a-mi reactiva contul (upgrade your account) in care imi dau posibilitatea sa aleg din citeva variante, ma rog in final cu putina mea engleza am inteles ca trebuie sa platesc o anumita suma de bani. intrebarea mea este daca trebuie neaparat sa platesc si daca da cum trebuie sa fac. de renuntat nu se pune problema

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    No - you do not need to upgrade your account.  Chess.com would like you to pay for the extra features you get as a subscriber, but this is not necessary.

    [Nu - nu aveţi nevoie să faceţi upgrade contul. Chess.com-ar dori  plătească pentru caracteristici suplimentare pe care le obţine ca un abonat, dar acest lucru nu este necesar.]

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