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    may the force be with you luke!

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    Let it be known this is what i'll be wishing for when i blow my candles out. 

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    I am seeking to better myself by improving my game. I have ADD, so I would like some tips on how to focus better, and I really want to get better at chess.

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    Lol I saw FREE COACHING!!!, and thought it was like those old newspaper classifieds that said FREE BEER!!! Then you look closer, and says well not really, but now that we have your attention....

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    Nervously waiting...

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    OK, I am about to do the draw. All usernames that entered have been written down and are in a hat... The first username out of the hat wins!

    Good Luck to All!!!!

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    And the winner is............ 

    Wow, I could not have predicted this.... 




    To all who did not win, just keep in mind that I do competitions like this every few months. :)

    If you still are interested in coaching, let me know!!! :D

    Thanks to all who participated and I'll see  you around on chess.com. :)


    ~ Luke

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    Just inbox me whenever Luke

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    I want a coach!! :D

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    Mani555chess tis my brothers account select himm please

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    someday777777 wrote:


    i need a coach to benefit from his experience and rely on is technical support that he might bring

    That's debatable.


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