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Garry Kasparov MasterClass

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     Guys... GUYS!  Look, this is CHESS freakin' dot com.  How is it possible to read a Forum on Kasparov's Masterclass and STILL HAVE NO IDEA IF IT'S GOOD OR ANYTHING ABOUT THE DAMN THING.

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    The complete masterclass is available on YouTube. It is seven hours long. I am rated 1200 blitz, and I found it useful however it feels like an extended interview about Gary and his chess journey. There is a bizarre portion in the middle which is just showing Gary play three stooges in a simul without any commentary, or showing the positions. I am glad I did not pay for this, because the people who are attracted to it are noobs. Chess is like anything else. To become good, you cannot just watch seven hours and hope to become better. You need to spend many, many hundreds of hours of independent study.

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    Well said cabbage...Agree..we cant become chess GM by watching chess GM play.....we need to spend hundreds of independent hours solving tactics, doing endgame drills etc....but Gary provides a good guidance...But Is it really worth 90$? Not at all in my opinion as every one knew it will be publicly available within weeks....

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    https://youtu.be/GkB7riAqZQQ you can watch Garry kasparov Master class here for free😉
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    @BadAmatuer, I'm 1600 here on chess.com (haven't played on the site in a few months) and close to 1800 in lichess.org. I mostly play blitz so I guess that if I applied myself without training I can probably get close to 2000 in lichess and maybe 1800 on chess.com in slower time controls as I have no issue calculating and I enjoy tactical positions. Now, I only mention that to provide context to my opinion. For the record, I started playing in May with a 1200 rating on chess.com and I'm sure I can hit 1700 (blitz) today if I started playing here again. You can check my progression until I stopped playing.


    To the point, I think there is value in following a comprehensive training course instead of going through the myriad of information online without knowing if you are focused on the right things. Second, far too many newbies put overemphasis on opening theory and tactics. Those things you learn with practice and you simply need to keep practicing to retain that knowledge or ability. A good training course will focus on other equally important concepts like pawn structure which often get overlooked. No amount of tactics is going to get you to say 2000 because those players won't allow tactical combinations like you see at the lower rating levels. I've seen clips of Kasparov's masterclass and it looks ok but maybe not great. I agree that there is an out of place simult exhibition which frankly I think its a waste of time. I have also seen Anna Rudolf's training course and I like her approach. Either way, there is nothing wrong with a paid training course if you have the money. Another thing I recommend is to follow chess channels on youtube like Matojelic or Agadmator among others because they review games regularly and you can learn a lot from them. I hope this comment helps.  

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    I probably should have mentioned that while I ascended quickly in the ratings the result was a combination of watching training videos online and playing lots of games. There is no replacement for practice. At some points it got harder then I always bounced back after many loses. Keep practicing and good luck. 

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    Chesspawn666  Thanks.  Still, there is no "review" of the course herein or on chess com.  Maybe I should. 

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    https://youtu.be/M5L-blOlAAs New link for free masterclass videos by chessmaster enjoy and please dont forget to like and share


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