Greatest Chess Photos


Very nice pictures.  :)  Looking at all these pictures makes me feel young.  :)


Bogart has a try at a blindfolded Kolty.


Lasker and Tarrasch. The first pic must represent the Happy Days, when they were on speaking terms. The second pic is from their long-delayed match for the World Championship. By 1908 Tarrasch was well past his best chess but somehow he never was able, or willing, to arrange a match with Lasker. It's too bad for in the couple of years before 1894 (when Lasker beat Steinitz for the title), Tarrasch had won four big tournaments in a row and was generally considered the strongest player. By 1908 his chances had evaporated, especially against the younger Lasker. Tarrasch despised him so that at the opening ceremony Tarrasch refused to talk to Lasker, only saying:"Mr. Lasker, I have only three words to say to you: check and mate !" [wikipedia]

He needed more opportunity for those words as he lost +3 -8 =5.

Alex_Kovach wrote:

You are absolutely correct jpd303... This is an obvious case of communist sabotage and assasination cover-up... The staged photo is clearly the work of the KGB's amateur theatrics department.

thank you! every time i see that pic i get angry and wonder what else was set up over the years by the KGB...Im sure CIA or some other secret ops also had their hands in chess too just for kicks  competing with the KGB


You won't find many pictures of the match between Capa and Alekhine. It was played in front of a few witnesses and no more. Here is the photo from the commencement of the match in Argentina.

The second photo is the table, pieces, and one of the clocks used by the famous rivals in this match. Preserved lovingly by the Argentine Chess Club. Top-notch Jaques clock and pieces and a table to admire.



young sammyyoung sammy and old sammy


“He examined the chess problem and set out the pieces. It was a tricky ending, involving a couple of knights. 'White to play and mate in two moves.' Winston looked up at the portrait of Big Brother. White always mates, he thought with a sort of cloudy mysticism. Always, without exception, it is so arranged. In no chess problem since the beginning of the world has black ever won.” (1984, George Orwell)


bronstein, blessed by cassia... cursed with male pattern baldness


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the young and old of Bobby Fischer


great photos....thanks


Forget Kaspy and Tal stares, that Young Reshevsky is stone cold!!! There is absolutely no 'play' in that kids game.... dang.

Chessroshi wrote:

Forget Kaspy and Tal stares, that Young Reshevsky is stone cold!!! There is absolutely no 'play' in that kids game.... dang.

 isnt that the truth!


this is a young Nimzowitsch!  i think he looks like John Candy!


Bronstein, he could use a little more coverage. Did I say that!?

Zurich 1953.


jpd303 wrote:

young sammy and old sammy

Nice (don't remember seeing either one of those).


Some very famous people were/are keen chess players, like Bogart, Boyer, Chaplin, Sinatra, Madonna, Woody Allen, Ben Affleck, Sting. I believe that is the reason why we have chess scenes (with pieces well placed) in their movies. Here is a nice picture of a famous movie star that was also a good chess player.


Bobby visits Mikhail in hospital 1962


Fischer met Botvinnik one time otb, here in the Varna 1962 Olympiad, when Botvinnik was still world champ. Fischer had a winning advantage but the game ended in a draw.


botvinik vs Lasker...botvinik bridged the old school to the modern masters


Charlie's Angels

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