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Help me

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    is advertising like that allowed on a thread unrelated to coaching?

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    OK sorryy, I realise you have better things to do than helping me, but here's another game. This one was a draw (by repetition), but once again I had a clear material advantage. Where specifically did I go wrong? What should I have done to avoid the perpetual check situation it ended in? (game coming up in next post)

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    Check out this #chess game: deRider vs Nnamdi_Singletary - https://www.chess.com/live/game/2279601615

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    deRider yazdı:


    deRider yazdı: https://www.chess.com/live/game/2265417197
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    Hello deRider

    I haven't read the previous posts but don't you need to play like face toface?


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    Seems three examples of your games here showed two mates and a perpetual. Kind of indicates, though you may have had some sort of advantage, your king was greatly exposed.

    Might want to investigate resources that describe how to win a winning position or consolidate an advantage. Making sure the king is safe is usually a priority. You could be eight pawns up but it doesn't help much when you're facing mate in three.


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