How many combinations of chess is there?


It's been bugging me but i want to know how many chess combinations there are in the first 4 moves as in each side moved once. I read that the is about 10^29505 different games of chess total. it's a big number i know that but what is the actually number of moves in the first 4 moves. each side moving once there is 200.


Ryuzaki_Lawliet wrote:

... each side moving once there is 200.

 With 20 possible opening moves by white, and 20 possible replies by black, there are actually 400 positions reachable at this stage.


sorry mistake thinking something else


Ask pvcmike how he arrived at over 70,000 in posting #9 of this Topic:


conbinations in chess  are caothic, well semi-caothic because every time that a piece is capture, the combinations are less.


so it's almost infinite, but not.


as in all the combinations of chess not one game's worth. if i never played the same game how many would it take until i ran out. the people who are going to comment you can't live that long, assume that i can.


10 to29095!?! There are less milliseconds in the age of the universe! Whatever you read is seriously wrong


Within the first 10 moves there might be some 169 octilion different combinations.

Notice the "might be", since the counting at any momento may vary whether you have taken into account the castles or not, 0-0 or 0-0-0, the knight´s jumps. . .

There are quite  a few references, Geoffrey Mott-Smith, Perelman, etc. but with the "today´s" handy calculators you can do it yourself. . . the only problem is the capacity of display of you calculator, whch can be solved using powers of 10.