How many moves ahead do you guys usually think? What does it mean exactly?



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When it comes to calculation, the biggest difference between a Grandmaster and a Pooch is not depth of calculation or accuracy of calculation... it's the intuitive choice of WHEN to calculate and WHICH moves to analyze. Only experience teaches that.

Couldn't agree more. Knowing when and what to calculate is incredibly important. Also, being good at visualising the board and seeing several moves deep is worthless if you are bad at tactics. It is pointless to calculate 5 moves ahead if you will be missing all the tactics that will occur just 2 moves deep.


Calculation is one tool... in other words it's not the only tool.

In positions where it's useful (and possible) of course GMs will look 10 or 20 or etc moves ahead. If you can play a blindfold game then you can "look" a whole game ahead, and players far below GM do that.

The strength of a player's ability to calculate isn't depth, but efficiency and accuracy. I might spend 20 minutes trying to figure out a move that a GM would dismiss as incorrect right away... and this implies that even when I'm calculating the correct line for the correct reasons, I'll be distracted by bad moves that a GM wont waste time on.

And this is the kernel of truth in Capablanca's quote "I only see 1 move ahead, but it is the best move." In many positions all you need is the correct evaluation and the correct idea.

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I have read interesting facts that say skilled chess players think multiple moves ahead, with some grandmasters even thinking over 10-20 moves ahead, which sounds insane.

I am a bit confused as to what thinking moves ahead mean? Like, do you think you own future moves ahead, or your opponents or both?

I would guess that in order to think what future moves ahead you will make, it would depend on the opponents moves? In that case, how is that even possible, since theres literally hundreds, even thousands of moves/combinations that can be made over the next few rounds.

Or does the person make an assumption on what move the opponent will make, and then think of a move in response and so on

we think of the moves our opponents are most likely to play, and how we reply to it. normally you should see at least 3-4 moves ahead in a 300 rated game

300 rated players see 3-4 moves ahead ? grin.pnggrin.pnggrin.png ya kiddin right ?


depending on time left and position, between 5-8 moves at most. normally around 3-4


1-10 really. However, when tactically correct, this is enough to play best moves. 🙂♟️

I only think in the endgames
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I only think in the endgames

Better late than never.