How to face this Bishop sacrifice play

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    I'm quite ashamed losing like this...

    How to tackle this..Can someone analyse this..

    My king's position from bad to worse

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    After 2....Bc5 there's a few things you could have done to protect the f2 pawn. e4 supports the d5 pawn but does nothing for f2.

    If it was me and I was at 2.....Bc5 I might play Qe2 or Be3 or just e3

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    I don't understand why did you resign in final position...

    8. Ke2 and black can't defend his queen and knight at once:

    a) 8. ... Nxd1 9. Nxh4 +- (white is piece up and black knight is trapped on d1)

    b) 8. ... Qxe4+ 9. Kxf2 +- (white is two pieces up, pawns do not count anymore)

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    Thanks everyone for good input...
     Yes maybe i'm too pessimist and losing faith too much..

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