How To Improve?

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    I suck at chess. My main goal is to get good enough to dominate my friends..haha...I have this friend that I absolutly HATE losing to. He is so arrogant and so condescending. Anyway, we are pretty even though I will admit he is SLIGHTLY better than I am. I am a tactical player, I like to try and checkmate the king. My openings are strong for my level but my endgame is atrocious (I recently purchased Sillmans Endgame book as I mentioned in another post). Anyway, whats the fastest way to improve so I can consistantly beat my nemesis?

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    Fastest way to improve chess in all levels: Study own games with titled players. Second fastest way to improve: Hire a respected coach and follow his/her advice. I suggest both ways simultaneously for the lover of the game!

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    Just a thought, but it looks to me you have a great opponent, just slightly better and you have more to gain and not focus on whether he is condoscending or arrogant as you put it. If he is willing to play against you when ever you challenge him, he must find your games enough of a challenge and  interesting!  I would take that as a compliment!!

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