How to remain calm when losing? Chess Anger Management?

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    I remember seeing that, Gengiskahnt.

    Then again, many have said that there are two things you don't need to be good at to enjoy-sex and golf.

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    bestovalltime wrote:

    Do u idiots always point out spelling errors? Must be nerd school time :-D

    You're calling us nerds?

    Devastating, we've never heard that one before.

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    Let me tell you a secret: Anger is a good thing!!!

    The trick is to make sure you are using it. Don't let the anger use you.

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    Only once have I got angry with myself in a tournament game on,it was the decider and I missed a King Queen pin with a pawn,saw it as I clicked submit,ripped an item of clothing,waited 10 hours for the opponent to make his move,then moved the pawn as he hadnt seen it!A bad time turned into good timesLaughing

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    I see....

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    Thought_dancer wrote:

    this faah git writes this shyt to cover his own cheating butt... he is common cheat who runs scripts

    hahaha someone is butthurt. sore loser much? go play checkers.  

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