I love

victhestick wrote:

    oinquarki please accept my humble apology.


          If it is geek status you want, it is geek status you shall receive

 Thank you. Laughing


this is the best site ever. I am addicted


I also like but i always get hurted when someone says that i am a guest {because i am not a premium member}only here so keep quiet. Can someone give me the percentage of real members and guests members.

 According to the survey, 32% of members pay for a membership. (or at least 32% of those who take surveys) It's at


what I love = FreeChess

what I hate = Talk 1 time/30seconds


i love for many reasons, and knowing that it's only gonna get better from here-THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

Cevilchess wrote:

Hey, I love too! I need to get some T-shirts...

I love as well. I use it every single day, many days I use it for multiple hours. Tactics trainer has been the sole reason for my improvement lately and I'm addicted to online chess.

Careful with the Tshirts, they are kind of low quality sorry to say :(

I got a long sleeve T and you can tell its cheaply made, the fabric feels almost abrasive.


Hi guys,

I love because I like playing chess, which is what we do here. Also, there are lots of active guys here and I can get a game(s) anytime I want.  I can play for 10 minutes or 10 hours, whenever I want. has lots of things to do; tournaments, correspondence, team chess (vote chess), puzzles, etc. etc., etc. 

Two things I dont like about  Live chess is poor.  I tried it twice and it just didn't work (well).  Also, we need to get the ratings down.  We all know that correspondence ratings are inflated on this site.  We talk about it daily.  Time to do something about it.  

My two favorite things about, #1) the analysis board (wow!), and #2 is the forums.  I can actually talk about chess with other guys.  Everyone in my life will listen to me talk about chess for about two sentences (I will bet it is the same with you). 

I see there are about 10 things on that I love that I didn't even mention. is the best chess site on the internet and that is why we all love it!

Watch your backrank!

fullarmor2 wrote:

I like  for talking to others about the game.   I don't play any games on here though.  Right now I'm focusing on playing long games at my club and other places OTB.   I don't want to play fast games until I learn how to play chess. 

But you can play long games on here. Up to 14 days per move!


try poeple

try lichess