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I wonder why algebraic notation?

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    Thanks batgirl.

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    DrSpudnik wrote:

    I prefer figurine algebraic notation, but you need a long time control to draw all those teeny pieces on your scoresheet.

    Especially the little horsies.

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    I've devised my own figurine pieces. They are much simpler than the ones in chess books.

    Each one takes about 2-3 seconds to draw.

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    Or you could bring some little stampers and an ink pad along with you to a tournament.

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    Perhaps the absolute best is the long(e2-e4)figurine algebraic.What do you think?(at least the most complete,if anything.)

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    Algebraic is racist because it is based upon WHITE'S point of view.   

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    It's also mathist!

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    And raic!


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