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Is it worth trying to discuss Chess on here anymore?

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    VladimirHerceg91 wrote:
    president_max wrote:
    VladimirHerceg91 wrote:
    ciarli wrote:

    chess or the celebration of mind it is not anymore only to gays, whores or shy people but it is become a religion as it is called to other cultures 'pashka' or 'kurba' and if you feel a scientist or a new thing to this art you will fail!

    What in the world are you talking about?

    I think he's calling pashak a shy gay whore who tried to feel up a scientist with his thing but failed.  Quite odd especially since the insult was entirely unprovoked.

    Very odd. What ever happened to Pashak anyway? Haven't seen him post in a while. 


    He's a chicken farmer in New Hampshire. Doin' pretty good too.


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    depends which conversation you participate in

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    Chess is so yesterday.

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    What is today then?

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    Naw, crazyhouse. Bug house has to many bugs in it to be enjoyable

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    macer75 wrote:

    Chess is so yesterday.

    Chess is yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It is the beginning and the end. It is the Alpha and Omega. 

    Chess just is. 

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    Not really. Too many knuckleheads.

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    crazyhouse is the diabolical genetically engineered invetion of the bugs who reside in house

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