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Is it worth trying to discuss Chess on here anymore?

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    can't troll this, doo doo do do, can't troll this, i told you homeboy, you can't troll this. doo doo do do.

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    Ach...get yer heid in the nearest gutter ya bachle.

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    untrollable since 1993 

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    Where is this thread now, I can tell it's been derailed, but derailed to where?
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    2Q1C wrote:

    Bonsai_Dragon wrote:

    One could argue that your post seems overly arrogant, self centered, conceited, demeaning to others, and in fact, a poor attempt at trolling itself.

    Your comment, "Serious members know when I have posted a thread that's it's time to put their Chess caps on because it's time for a riveting Chess debate" suggests that you are some sort of chess master, guru, or chess God that all should just stop whatever else they are doing and bow to you superiority. Why don't you leave it up to the staff and/or mods to decide what is proper here, better yet...leave it up to the membership, as threads they enjoy will float, those they don't like will sink.

    Every member has the right to post here and they don't need your approval.


    Get over yourself.


    Was there any need for the personal attack? It is important to be relevant, helpful and nice. 

    I'm going to have to have a serious think about whether to report you or not for that. 


    Please have a serious thought, let's say for a few years, come back to us after.

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    2Q1C wrote:

    gay slur. reported

    Sissy is not gay slur. No idea where you're from but it has nothing to do with it.

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    RonaldJosephCote wrote:

    Jesus Vlad, are you SURE you're of legal age to be here?  By your own admission you don't block, you don't like NASCAR and you have NO idea what FARGO is  Why don't you change your avatar to Commander Data because everything goes right over your head, you just don't get it.  No personality, no sense of humor, I feel sorry for the woman that gets stuck with you. 

    Or man.

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    #338. ROFL

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    <DrSpudnik> Quite an accurate picture.

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    1414 points......

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    .. There's No question, that 'Off Topic' posts, will ALWAYS have a Special Appeal.. with a handful or two, of 'eye candy' Real world, commentators.. Plus, 'News' distractions like the prospects, of 'WW 3', and, 'Planet X's, alleged "approach-flyby." o:



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    I hate when I am pontificating on one of my eclectic yet remarkable chess theories and the person I am engaging rips a ten megaton fart out. Pisses me off.
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    .. In, reply to - #327 ..



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    .. And, Yes .. 'Chess' Is Still, Under-Rated; As a factor, in educational - 'credit course', betterment ! o:


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    All of the internet everywhere is infected with mean-spirited trolls who do not have any life whatsoever and their only hope for any measure of fleeting happiness is to harass and irritate. ANY response to them is welcomed as it--in some bizarre way--seems to validate there existence. They either troll or commit suicide; those are their only options. Sad.
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