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Is this position resignable here?

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     This was a 3I0 blitz game. The opponent had 1 min 10 secs left, and I had nearly 2 mins left. The opponent resigned after the last move here. I felt the resignation was too premature. Against carlsen maybe but against someone with my elo, I would never resign here. What do you think guys?
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    The important question to ask is: "Does Black have any counterplay?" And he has none. The black rooks can't gain an open file, and the black knight can't find a nice central spot to sit on any time soon. Due to these factors, I would think that this position by itself is indeed resignable. And your time advantage gives you an even larger edge. So it is definitely a one-sided situation.

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    Yes this position is resign able
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    While the position is a very easy white win (effetively two pawns up, no Black counterplay) almost anything is playable at 3|0 time control.

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    Playing twice as fast as him you got a better position. Maybe he was disheartened. 

    I hope you see a very easy white plan to win, but sure, usually it's good to keep playing in blitz. It costs you nearly no time and sometimes you get lucky.

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    Pfren is right - in a long game black should resign here, but in blitz I've salvaged results from far worse positions.

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    Maybe he had things to do in real life and so resigned early?

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