KEBU Tactics Software?


Is anybody familiar with the tactics download from KEBU?  I downloaded the demo version and it seems a lot less buggy then CT ART 3.0.  The interface is fairly nice too.  On the downside, it tends to focus exclusively on sac's.  Before I drop the money on a download - does anybody have any experience with it?

On that same vein, has anybody picked up CT ART 4.0 yet?  If they have modernized it and made it more compatiable with later versions of Windows I would be a lot more interested in it.  After fighting with 3.0 for over a year, I am kind of burned out on Convekta.


Er, why pay money at all when is free for over 40x more problems, with accurate problem ratings derived from the performance of a user base of thousands? 

My CT-Art 3.0 sits on a shelf now. 


Well, I would often like to be able to play tactics when I don't have an internet hookup (i.e. when stuck at remote locations for work).  Also, I want t o be able to go back through the positions again later on to see if I remember them.