live chess


why is no one playing it???

im bored on it, no one to play, like seriously


Where is the live chess????  How do I play???!!!  I would love to play it!


I have played live chess on another website just recently.  I liked the other website better because on that website each player was given 15 minutes of playing time.  On this website you are only given 5 minutes.  I am hoping that will change to 30 minutes or 60 minutes.  I realize that this is a test and possibly a decision was made for just 5 minutes just to give people a taste of live chess.  Knowing and their reputation for excellence and response to their clients I am sure that a longer period of time for live chess will be considered and adopted.  I did not experience any other unpleasant difficulities with the live chess except waiting for a player to be matched with.
JediMaster: in fact you can choose any time settings you want here (i mean base time minutes + bonus time seconds).

where's the live chess?



live chess? you mean blitz, speed and bullet chess?

i think it's better if they will be included in this site.. 

what should I press to play live chess here? Thanks.

Yes, if the clock is with" Fischer's time", then each move made, will be given extra bonus time (in seconds)   , according to the settings  set by the players. This will enable the time-control  to be flexible  to please everyone.

piotr,       you are right!  I am with you.
i saw a post yesterday with a link to it but since then i havent seen anything about it, where is the site link to live chess?

The beta link is here

thanks bill, 
Oh there's live chess!



Is there any sound associated with a move?  Also, I wanted to comment after my game was over, but it did not let me in the comments window.  So far, all looks good. 

guys this isnt the real thing, this is a test im sure of it, if you read the thing before you go to the live chess page it says when the real thing comes all your records will be restarted.