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magnus carlsen vs vishy anand

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    started already. Carlsen played a petrov

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    Started, we have:

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    It's on now

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    Wow.. Lets see if this game ends in a common way or a game to be known for its class!!

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    My opinion, he will be relatively happy with a draw with Black. Just as he would in a World Championship match. 

    Also, my guess is that Anand will try to win but will only make a mild try...

    Both have to save up their important opening theory for the one on one match.

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    Even i am guessing the same way. 99% chances for draw!!.

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    Still can't find anywhere with commentary. Watching it live but no commentary. If anyone has a link I'd appreciate you posting it.

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    11[edit] ... c6 is new, nowhere in any DB I have.

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    Playchess do commentary I think? Might be a pay site.

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    Carlsen trying to surprise Anand with 11.c6

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    Tin_Basu wrote:

    Carlsen trying to surprise Anand with 11.c6

    Seems normal to attack the d5 pawn considering how much it's cramping Carlsen's position? Also Qb6 is possible now the bishop has left the queenside.

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    Yeah!! Exactly.

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    I bet the Hou-Nakamura game is more exciting than the Anand game. It started out a Sicilian defence, but now it looks like a Spanish opening.

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    Looks like a Sicilian more than a Spanish to me with f3 rather than c3, the knight on c3 and placement of the open files. Plus a fianchetto in the Ruy is rare.

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    Its sicilian only!..

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    I get positions which look very similar in the Spanish opening. 

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    Has been an ok game so far.

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    Is it..Post it in game showcase forum, i want to see.

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    Tin_Basu wrote:

    Is it..Post it in game showcase forum, i want to see.



    Here, you can watch it live at this link. That's the site I am on.


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