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Mistake in score card

  • #1

    I've never played in tournament or used a score card but I have watched videos and at the end of the match the players signed each other's score cards. What happens if the two cards don't match?

  • #2

    They must fight in a cage.

  • #3

    Maybe my club is sleazy and not doing things strictly legal, but I've never signed a scorecard (either mine or my opponent's), and I've never been asked to sign a scorecard. The only thing our TD cares about is that we both agree to the score we post on the pairing sheet on the wall.

  • #4

    Local tournaments post the pgns online, so they would need a score card to do this, right?

  • #5

    The local tournaments I've played in don't bother to publish pgns, so nobody even tries to collect scorecards. I guess that would be a lot of extra work. Wink


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