My culture fair IQ is 124 -->How much can I achieve in chess

When I said IQ means nothing, I meant objectively in relation to chess, please don’t twist my words.
In chess you’re ability is determined by specific natural skills (some of which do overlap with IQ skills), and the amount of work you put in, if you want to improve at chess, start working hard, it’s the best way to get really good at anything.
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So chess already attracts the smartest people. I just did a Mensa test and paid 7 euros and got an IQ score of 124.(94.5th percentile)


I submitted the test ahead of time.


Don't judge me on my rating. I don't often play here. My Playchess rating is 1700+ and ICC rating is 1600+.


If I invest proper time would you say I could be a 1900 rated player? since that is my goal. I know 2000 is a bit out of reach.

if you're 124 you'd know, at least, how stupid that question sounds


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Others ID tests may ask about English, General Knowledge about geography etc.


As I told you , I have done a lot of those bullshit IQ tests in my young age, because I would to be better than others which is in fact not that important in your life.

But it worked out for you in the end - you're a Dr, a Mr and a boss. 


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I’m more concerned that you paid 7 euros to take the test...

Real IQ tests aren't free. You take them in person at a testing facility (not online)

Yes, I'm questioning the intelligence behind a decision to pay 7 euros for a bogus IQ test which we now know came from a site called ""! I'd take 10 points off the top just for that...