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Myers-Briggs Types and Chess

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    I'm an ENTP and I can't fall asleep now. bughouse & 1-minute chess pro

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    I'm INTJ

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     INTJ...but not really very confident about it....I think my horoscope described me better

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    INTJ------ but I think Myers-Briggs is witch-doctor mumbo jumbo

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    Meyers-Briggs is a "scientific" replacement for astrology.

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    meyers-briggs and sdi are good baselines for human behavior, doc. if one knows them well, the predictive result usually manifests.

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    DrSpudnik wrote:

    Meyers-Briggs is a "scientific" replacement for astrology.

    yes if science means something that can be explained.

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    bluejunk wrote:

    I am a LADY

    yes, you are. 

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    I'm a ISFJ here and I know two people that play chess a lot. Although they never take the personality type test. I still know their personality types by cognitive functions. I think one is ESXP (Most likely T). Because I see him usually very good at chess. We played chess a lot and I win about 30% of it and he wins about 70% of it.

    I also played chess with an INXJ (Most likely F) and I usually win more than him. I think It is about even.

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    DrSpudnik wrote:

    Meyers-Briggs is a "scientific" replacement for astrology.

    No, the artificial temple of crap built on top of the original research is analogous with astrology.  The original research is just fine. 

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