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Non-chess players would say

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     We all have friends that don't play chess,right? If you do, then I bet when they are watching you play a game, and then they just ask a random comment. Well here are some of the most popular comments a non-chess player would ask:


    • "Who's winning the game?"
    • "are you good at chess?"
    • "Are you one of the best in the city?"
    • "You must be good at checkers."
    • "Are you better then (your opponent name)?"
    • "What are you going to move?"
    • "What's the whole point about chess?"

    Well thats most off it on what people ask me. What do people ask you? Put it in the comments below.

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    A non-chess player might ask if the dog in your avatar is a Jack Russell terrier. I have one also, pictured with me in my avatar. Totally wonderful dog when he gets tired enough not to act crazy. lol

    My favorite question from non players is "Is that anything like checkers?" 

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    "Chess is boring" <-- I used to think that

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    Non-chess players would say:
    "it's all been said before at https://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/sht-non-chess-players-say"

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    Mine ask me, "How do you get any enjoyment staring at the board for a few minutes, making just one move, then staring at the board again for a few more minutes?"

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    "Who's winning?" (doesn't actually care).
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     I ate your piece

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    "Why do you like playing this?" would be the most asked one for me lol.

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    Wow your good at chess! (moved pawn to e4)


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