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    Is it just me or is it in some way harder to play patzers because they don't do expected things  and you get caught off guard? I guess when someone just puts the queen out I have to turn off all the theory and just chase her around the board? Not my favorite way to play, I'm here to learn better habits, not bad ones....

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    I couldn't agree more.  sadly it is just a reality in lower rated blitz games.  I really have to wonder how often scholars mate must work for so many to keep trying it.  even if it does is that any way to really get better.   I try so hard to punish 2nd move queen openings but the problems is if you let your guard down it can lead to mad frustrating games..

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    No, not at all. It's simply a matter of figuring out why the opponent's moves suck and destroying them. Could not be easier in fact!

    If they bring out the queen early, simply develop in a sensible way and, if you can hit the queen while developing (not hard) then by God do it! In fact, often you can sacrifice a pawn to develop even faster (see the game between Kasparov and David Letterman for a good example of this!)

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    Ok, so I just played this game (black) and won but it's nothing to be proud of. I got suckered into deflecting the knight guard on the pawn. I do like my knight sacrafice at the end but like I said, not my favorite way to play.


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    bharvey, take a look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HujWLARJyNY

    After that video, you'll never be afraid again of this attack!

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    thanks everyone for the feedback!


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